Special Offers for After COVID-19

As part of the amazing #SavePhillyEats campaign we are offering two special experiences available post-COVID-19 crisis. This will help us as a small business and give you something fun and super social to look forward to. Email info@queenandrookcafe.com for questions and scheduling. Dates subject to public safety guidelines.

Package 1: Home Game Night. A special night of games, food, and drinks for 10 of your family & friends as we socially gather together. Our expert Gamekeepers will lead games, and our food and drinks will be brought in for your guests to have a worry free night of great entertainment! $500

Package 2: Team Building. When everyone gets back to the office from working at home you need an activity to get them back into the swing of things. This package will give you two hours of team building activities to help them to reconnect with each other in person and heal from these traumatic events. Our expert Gamekeepers will lead activities and get work culture back on track. $1000 per 20 people