PAX Unplugged

The PAX Unplugged Board Game Convention last weekend very much felt like sprinting our way through a marathon. We heard the attendance was over 30,000 individuals and 50,000 entrances. We definitely felt those numbers on Saturday. We got to meet so many kind, amazing and giving people that stopped to talk or play a few rounds. We collected over 350 emails, went through 800 business cards, gave out 300 peanut chews, 100 granola bars and 700 jolly ranchers, and went through 2 bags of Ricola.

At the Anomia Press booth, I don’t know how many games of Anomia, Anomia kids, Anomia X and Duple we played, but we always had a raucous group around us. Thank you to everyone who come by the Anomia booth to learn about the cafe, play a demo and talk for a bit, the board game community really felt like a community at PAX Unplugged. Thank you to Andrew, the creator of Anomia, for having us in the Anomia Press booth. Thank you to the dedicated staff that helped to demo and explain all about Queen & Rook Game Cafe. Thank you also to the supportive game designers and game publishers, we all had so many great conversations about future collaborations and received a lot of Demo copies from generous reps.

Our first convention is on the books, and we are on to our first pop-ups this week! The next 12 months will be a year of firsts and we will tell you all about them.